Welcome back!  As you are  aware, COVID-19 has changed our lives and the way things are done everywhere.  I want to thank you for your patience and have been thinking of each and every one of you.  I am committed to keeping your dental appointments safe and non-stressful and wanted to outline how our reopening will work.  We are scheduled to reopen June 1, 2020 with extended hours.  True emergencies and treatments that are necessary to avoid irreversible damage are top priority.  We will continue to monitor the pandemic and adapt as necessary.  This is why I've decided to implement email, texting and phone calls, to keep you up to date with our practice.  You can always call us with any concerns or scheduling needs. 


We are trying to be more paperless and ask you to fill out forms on our website at Kristaldentistry.com prior to your arrival.  There will soon be a link to each office's forms.  Please check this website regularly.


We already, as a daily practice, assure universal precautions as outlined by CDC and OSHA standards of infection control. Safety is always our number one focus. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised.


We are taking extended measures to further protect all our patients and team with the following additional protocols upon arrival for your appointment:


• In compliance with the recommendations for public health, anyone with a cough or fever will not be allowed in the building and should stay home. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

• Before your appointment, you have the option to stay in your car instead of the waiting room until we're ready to seat you in your personal operatory. Simply call us when you arrive, a series of questions will be asked.  We will bring you in promptly and try to stay on time the best we can.

• Everyone will be required to wear their mask entering and exiting the building. 

• Upon entering we will take your temperature and you will be asked to sanitize your hands.

• At the beginning of every appointment, you will be asked to pre-rinse with Peroxyl.  This is a hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse.

• Please come to your appointment by yourself, if possible.  Families with children can of course come together, but we are asking if we can take your child back to the room individually.  We always will take great care of your children.


Extra precautions and equipment we will be utilizing:


• We will be wearing N95 masks and utilizing disposable supplies.

• Plexiglass was installed at all check-in and check out areas.

• A device called a DryShield wil be used.  This device is a mouth piece that is connected to high pressure suctions to reduce aerosols.

• Extra oral suctions will be installed in every treatment room in the near future.  These will help dramatically eliminate aerosols.  These act as a negative pressure device.

• UVC lights were installed in the HVAC to continually kill viruses and bacteria. Individual UVC lights will be used in treat rooms as well.

• HEPA filters were in place and will continue to be used.

• Highly touched area ie. door handles, counters, bathrooms will continuously be cleaned.


A $15.00 / patient/visit PPE charge will be charged.  This is due upon arrival and will help cover some of these extenuating costs due to supply and demand.  Some insurances are helping with the cost, some are not.  We will submit it to your insurance and if payment is made, it will be reflected in your account.  This charge will be in effect until further notice.


You can be assured safety measures at {PracticeName} will continue to evolve as more information develops.  We miss each and every one of you and can't wait to be able to take care of our dental family.


Stay well, hydrate, eat nutritiously, and get plenty of sleep.


We look forward to seeing you!